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Call Richmond went missing. 20 years later he shows up on his sister Rebecca's doorstep suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. For the next fourteen years, they struggle to restore him and face the dark traumas and painful memories of their past.

Director: Kyle Tekiela

Executive Producer and Co-Director: Rebecca Schaper


Produced by Tekiela Creative and Grey Hawk Productions in association with Kartemquin Films

“If you haven’t seen a film entitled A Sister’s Call  by Rebecca Schaper and Klye Tekiela you need to watch it. It is one of the most honest and moving documentaries that I’ve had the privilege of watching.”

Pete Earley

"...  an incredibly profound documentary that addresses how mental illness was viewed and handled in the past, while concurrently exploring current treatment methods and the long road to recovery...  this tale of inspiration and triumph proves to be an emotional journey that transcends its challenging subject matter."

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The documentary has won 15 prestigious awards, including:

Arizona International Film Festival

Reel Frontier Special Jury Award, Documentary Filmmaking

Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival

Spirit of the Independent Award, Documentary

San Diego Film Festival


Festival Award, Best Documentary

Tupelo Film Festival


Festival Prize, Best Feature Documentary
Kyle Tekiela (director), Rebecca Schaper (producer)


Ron Tibbett Award, Best of Show



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