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A Great Review for "The Light in His Soul"

The Midwest Book Review has given The Light in His Soul a wonderful, thoughtful review.

Highlights include:

"Belief, endurance, and finding an underlying joy and purpose in even the most cruel of adversities lies at the heart of The Light in His Soul. Where other memoirs and similar-sounding accounts focus on darkness and survival against all odds, Schaper's story takes the extra step to uncover riches, understanding, learning experiences and life-affirming joy against all odds; and this is what makes The Light in His Soul a unique story worth pursuing."

"This book is as much about the author's self-inspection as it is about helping her brother, and this too is a fine piece of the family puzzle that lends to warmth, insight, and revelation... "

"It's a title designed to not just capture a singular life or experience, but to expand awareness of the experience of interacting with a schizophrenic family member who inherits a legacy of abuse and mental illness, but who is still loved, respected, and treasured as part of that family. "

"Families in similar circumstances will want to take away a big piece of Schaper's positivity to apply to their own unique situations."

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