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Let's Choose Each Other

With uncertainty comes a natural response of fear, unease, worry and scarcity. As a collective, we're definitely in new chartered territory in this present moment. I stumbled upon a quote from Brené Brown today that really hit home. I hope it resonates with you too.

"This pandemic experience is a massive experiment in collective vulnerability. We can be our worst selves when we're afraid, or our very best, bravest selves. In the context of fear and vulnerability, there is often very little in between because when we are uncertain and afraid our default is self-protection. We don't have to be scary when we're scared. Let's choose awkward, brave and kind. And let's choose each other."

I couldn't agree more with her quote because I wholeheartedly believe during times of crisis, there lay more opportunities for us to bond like cohesive glue and create a sense of unity, peace and most importantly, presence.

I've tried to cut back my tech use, have more awareness and appreciation for the outdoors and life's simple pleasures. Listening to the different pitches of a bird's tune, soaking up the rays of the sun on my back deck, laughing at my dog Gus as he licks his chops with zero care in the world. He is present and I try to be too.

We're all trying.

Maybe trying for you means less time watching the news or limiting your time researching what the COVID-19 will do next.

Whatever it may be, my hope is you're taking time for yourself to go within, with a dose of self-compassion and grace while choosing to step away from the chaos and noise.

If you're feeling stuck and in need of a few ideas here are a few things I suggest.

  1. Tap into your creativity. Use this time to do the little tasks or tidbits you've put off because you didn't have enough time before. I'm using this time to do some videos of my family and me that I can cherish for years ahead.

  2. Walk in nature. I've found this brings a whole new sense of peace and harmony within my soul. It brings me back to the present moment and I feel connected to the earth and my soul.

  3. Cut back on computer and news time. I know this might be hard to do and yet, I encourage you to fill your mind with more positive energies to help lessen the load of negativity.

I truly believe we will come out the other side stronger, more aware and courageous than ever before. Here's to tapping into our own resources with a little trust and faith.

We will get through this.

Stay positive. Stay well. Stay balanced and keep moving. Remember every day there's a new sunrise to shimmer hope and gratitude for the day ahead.

With love,


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