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'A Sister's Call' Gets a Gift from Viewer

It's a wonderful gift when someone "gets" your work and writes a thoughtful and heartfelt review. Many thanks to Lee Harris of Lee Harris Energy, an inspirational energy teacher, for his write-up of the documentary A Sister's Call now available on Amazon Prime.

He writes:

***** Wow. Extraordinary story, extraordinary family

July 25, 2019

The film surprised me by going way beyond the premise of its trailer, which was already enough to make me want to watch.

As Rebecca's rehabilitation journey with her long-lost brother Call progresses, which is the story I'd signed up for, the curtain is slowly peeled back on their shared pasts. Truths are revealed that you don't seen coming, but that once known, make so much sense of all the trauma they've endured.

And then, a path to healing begins.

I was frequently moved to tears and am left full of admiration for the endurance, forgiveness and deep compassion on display here. That depth of feeling and resolution isn't easy to get to, especially in the face of odds that would cause others to judge, shut down or walk away.

The whole family are [sic] incredibly brave, honest and raw in their sharing of this film and I am very grateful and changed because I saw it. Thank you to all involved and kudos!

And if you're not familiar with Lee Harris, please check out his work. His books and projects are all impressive, and he is inspirational.

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